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At Juko Designs we are passionate about weaving, colour and texture and want to bring our knowledge and expertise to you in a range of weaving kits, textile inspiration packs and yarn hanks.

We believe that our kits should be simple to use so that people can start to learn how to weave or improve their weaving without the need for expensive and complicated equipment, so we have a range of weaving card loom kits and laser cut wooden looms. Our kits are suitable for complete beginners, improvers and for travelling. Many of our kits are also suitable for children.

We are very proud of our well researched, comprehensive instructions, which are easy to follow with our clear step by step photos and words. We believe a photo says a lot more than words and for visually inclined people, (isn’t that most us!) work better than just words alone.

We are all about colour and texture and have always explored different ways to introduce these elements into our weavings. With our good eye for colour we love sourcing unusual yarns, ribbons and threads and we have a lot of fun pulling vibrant colourways together from our studio stash, to create our colour coordinated signature yarn variety hanks and our textile inspiration packs. We hope these inspire you to explore colour and texture in your own weavings and they can also be used for a wide range of other textile projects including crochet, embroidery, felting and embellishing. 

Our very small team consists of Janet and Samina and we are here to help you explore your creativity so please join us to begin or further your creative exploits.
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